The What & Why

By ray In Uncategorized August 4, 2016

What we do matters.

Media, in all its forms, is how we communicate ideas to the world. We want to help bring attention to the ideas that need to be shared. A film, a technology, a service, any of these could be the expression of an idea that changes the world. We are here to strengthen those ideas by connecting them with their fans through a process we call ‘culture building’.

We tell stories and structure narratives that, support your brand outreach, are in context with the advertising, and connect the dots from all your media points. Connecting ideas to people and people to ideas is the essence of culture building.

There is no mistaking the power of good marketing, it’s a force to wield wisely.  Which is why as a company we want to work with clients that have the vision to make our world, as a whole, better.

Why we do it matters more.

Living Myth Media is founded on the idea that we have always lived in an information age and that we are only now beginning to see it. The issues that have troubled humankind, have all revolved around a scarcity of information. We’re here to fix that. Good ideas need to be shared.

Technology has changed everything – we have refined the means of storing and sharing information, connecting with one another through the ages and into the modern world.

We all participate in a networked world now, a reality where we are connected to one another and with the sum recorded knowledge of our histories. We can all add to that growing archive. Never before has there been a means of reaching so many open to anyone with a voice to be heard. Sharing got a lot easier.

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