The Customer Comes First

By ray In Branding December 13, 2016

Back in 2011, a small medispa approached us for help with their website. While that was the start of our relationship, we quickly moved to help them with their branding as a whole.  Branding is not just the logo, or the website, or even the ads. It is the mental placeholder for everything your brand represents, stands for, is associated to, and most of all the primary tether to the customer.

The Customer Comes First.

Creating that link is one of the most important steps in building a great brand. Memories are formed from experiences that stand out, what we built for them still creates that impact.


It is a great pleasure to help any company connect with their customers. Our customers need to connect with their customers. After a few days of investigating their market, asking the founders about their personal reasons for getting into this business and what motivates them to do it, we carefully crafted a Brand Promise. This is where the magic starts. A Brand Promise is what the customer is always going to experience with the company. It is that critical takeaway that matters far more than the end product.

For WEL, their promise was one of self-care through a luxurious experience. This made it clear that all the colors, images and language must reflect both elements clearly. We used silver foil with a debossing effect  on a satin finished matt black stock for their business cards. The interior was carefully laid out and furnished with modern yet very comfortable seating. Accents and finishing touches were handpicked abstract art by local painters and mixed media artist, and our favorite touch, the custom bottled water with branded take home bags.  Every little detail was brought back to that promise.


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  • Lisa Smith

    LMM you guys rocked the branding of that delightful medispa ! Those business cards are still the talk amongst industry friends. You need to help more clinics and medispas out there. They so need the LMM touch .


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