Publishing The Legend of Mercedes Ketch.

We are very proud to announce our publication of The Legend of Mercedes Ketch – Her Father’s’ Daughter by none other than our co-founder and CEO, Aaron Golden.  This book has been a labor of love and one of the primary reasons for starting Living Myth Media.  As our first novel to bear the Living Myth Media imprint, this marks the beginning of a new, chapter? in our company’s evolution.

Culture has its roots in the shared stories in a group people, for us offering those stories is a critical part of our company’s mission to build culture.  Since we are building for the next generation, Aaron’s novel is one of the best places to work from.

The Legend of Mercedes Ketch – Her Father’s’ Daughter is the first in a series that explores the hero’s journey, starting as a coming of age story. Fiction is often a vehicle for commenting on the real world, Aaron turns a critical eye to our modern culture and blends it with a narrative that resonates with the trials of growing up in it.  While we are marketing this as young adult fiction, it touches on ideas that meaningful at any age.

You can buy a copy directly from us here


As a digital publisher, expanding from websites to ebooks is an exciting step for our company. One we hope you enjoy as much as we do.

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