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The Legend of Mercedes Ketch

The Legend of Mercedes Ketch

Publishing a full-length novel as an e-pub was a greatly rewarding experience.  From editing, to cover design to formatting and registering the ISBN. Every step was an adventure that, for us, was almost as exciting as the story itself.

  • Client: In-house
  • Category: Publishing
  • Date: 2016

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Belmont Properties

Belmont Properties

When a multigenerational company wants to improve their digital presence, our first order of business is to give them a website that will be the company’s online home. Collaborating with Living Blueprint to craft the best digital mark

  • Client: Belmont Properties
  • Category: Graphics & Web Design
  • Date: Summer 2016

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Dark Nexus Arena

Dark Nexus Arena

Video game developer Whitebox Interactive needed to grow their user base and visibility for their new game Dark Nexus Arena. Our approach was to refine the value proposition and bring the brand imagery in line with it. We build an online m

  • Client: Whitebox Interactive
  • Category: Marketing, PR, IR
  • Date: 2015

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Incite Insight

Incite Insight

A unique project that called on us to design a whole branding for a very specialized client. Our client commissioned us to help them turn a collection of emails and note pages into a full social justice movement. We used our process to disc

  • Client: ISSI
  • Category: Culture Building, Branding
  • Date: 2014 -2015

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Claritas Legal Services

Claritas Legal Services

Claritas Legal Services approached us to help them make a meaningful impact with their marketing while sticking to a very modest budget. We helped them by identifying a voice and visual feel that connects with their customers. From there w

  • Client: Claritas Legal
  • Category: Web & Print Design

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West End Laser

West End Laser

A wonderful project that took us beyond print and web design. West End Laser was a high-end medi-spa aimed at providing a luxury experience for their customers. Our role was to design the entire brand and its accompanying systems. Designi

  • Client: WEL
  • Category: Branding
  • Date: 2011

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Our Services

A one stop media shop.


Publishing is at the core of modern culture building. From online magazines to games and books, we have the tools to bring any kind of media to market. This what makes us so very different, you can have your content published in multiple formats and on multiple properties all starting in one place. We are growing our inventory of properties to cover all the important segments that shape culture today. Being online is just the start, our Living Myth Media imprint has a catalog of books we are always looking to add to. Attention is coming currency, we're the publishers of the future.


Cover all your bases with the perfect set of options for advertising. Outdoor to online your brand gets seen where it makes the most impact. We'll select the best media mix for your marketing needs making sure that the medium and message match up. Our specialty is finding the niche platforms where the influence is made. Stealth street teams, underground publications, subtle product placements and more, all supporting the traditional inventory of outdoor, print, broadcast, and digital. Where ever there are eyes, we'll find a way to meet them.


Marketing has changed a lot in the last decade. Who would have thought that Snapchat needs to be considered for your marketing plans when your audience is under 35? Do you use social media, content, influencer, event and experiential marketing? These are not just the latest trends, they are core tools if you want to build culture. Great marketing works by consistently being a part of your audience’s daily experience. When your audience's self-story includes your brand, your marketing has become Culture Building.

Strategy & Planning

A good marketing program needs all the facts and goals upfront to ensure success. This is a foundation we start from on every project. We'll walk you through a simple yet effect process that shows us who you are, what you need, what tools will work best and what idea we need to build from. Whether you need a marketing plan or branding strategy, we have you covered. It means more time in development, but stronger yields at the end.

Brand & Identity

A brand is the soul of your company. With a solid foundation from our strategy and planning sessions, we will have the goals, values, and messages we need to design your brand. A brand is more than a logo, we make those too, but it is just a small part of the full picture that is branding and identity work. When you want to make sure that everybody you deal with will have a common understanding and perception of what you're about - it is time to start branding.

Graphics & Web Design

Get the right image. Our design services cover all the bases. From packaging to logos to websites and more. Strong visual communication shows your value right away. We can translate your vision into compelling imagery that guides your audience to the desired outcome. Evocative logos that show what your brand is about get remembered. Clean web design that makes it easy for visitors gets conversions. When we design your material you get the right image.

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The Company

Part publisher, part creative agency.

Living Myth Media, Inc, was built to solve the problems marketing faces. Problems of media development, curation, and distribution. Part publisher, part creative agency, we know how to build cultures that bring out the best in people. Sharing good ideas.
Our mission is simple:
Inspire our world to embrace change. Change the way we think about media, about each other, about the direction we are going as a society.
Based in North Vancouver, we are a small privately held corporation. We actively recruit from our community and build it up from the inside. Come join us and make something special.
This is what culture building does, let's build for you.

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